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  3. Hi, my name is Joey Iandoli. I'm a music artist from North Fort Myers, Florida. I'm trying to get my music career off the ground, and it would mean the world to me to be apart of your guys' family. I hope to hear from you guys.

    (239) 258-9573

  4. Urgent permission request - can't seem to message you using the above field.

    We're working on a project with ****** who are producing a celebratory film for Black History Month, 'Keep Making History'.

    The online video will feature images and footage of those who future generations will look back on - the creators, innovators, activists and artists. Youtube hopes to shine a light on them and in doing so, inspire and challenge those watching to pursue their own dreams.

    In addition to featuring present day artists, we'll also be including those who have shaped history and those who have had a profound effect on the back community.

    We'd like to include Longway if you're happy for us to do so. Can you let us know asap if this is something that you would like to be part of. We'd like to use a few seconds of footage from this video - We have also reached out to Young Thug.

    Let me know where I can send the directors treatment to. As I mentioned the deadline is very tight and the project is already underway.

    Would really appreciate it if you could let us know if this is something you'd like to be part of before the weekend. We need to let the editor know what and who he can include by this weekend if we're to get the edit finished and launched before the end of the month.

    Many thanks


    Loranc Sparsi

    m +44 (0) 78777 53755
    t +44 (0) 207 494 4666


  • Yall dont know me. But soon everyone will know the name DeeJay, i strive to take over, whoevers with me will survive, but my opponents will soon fade, brick squad im offering you the chance to be part of the next generation, rather you partake or not, ive got enough ambition to do what i say! Contact me directly at
    DeeJay. AkA: Stray

  • what up Brick Squad.. I'm a video producer out of Vegas.. check out my work

  • Hello, How are you doing? Good,I hope. My name is Antonio Harrison. I am a retired military veteran who is a full time student at Full Sail University for Music Business. I work at Soul Asylum Studios as an Audio engineer/Producer. I was just wondering if you are offering any internship position right now t now. I am very passionate about my career and I love what I do. I will take any position.
    Thank you in advance,
    Antonio Harrison

  • i sign and rap. HARDER THEN DRAKE. my voice 1stGRADUATINGclass. i am the Lead Vocalist between 2002-2006 that raised 90million for all PUBLIC MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOLS in NEED. OAKLAND we have little to No Resources.GUCCI SIGN ME AND YOULL MAKE A BILLION DOLLARS WITH WORKING WITH ME ben compared to TUPAC by SHOCKG(face2face)who put on pac and created Digital Underground on the day that MoneyB daughter died we met at #1s Seafood in oaklandCA on Mac'k. Www.SoundCloud.Com/Hornfel/Ride ask ANYONE ABOUT THIS TRACK #GODAVoriginator is me. Www.SoundCloud.Com/ItsTheBay JACKA put on BERNER my brudder1ST before WizKhalifa. ask BERNIE ABOUT OLE JYNXnigg. i am true to the streets of the bay to the A to the Rest of OUR WORLD IT IZ GUCCI. U fux wit my bigBro KAFANI is down. thats my nigg we met through, once i was at the studio downtown my uncle is the man who shot TUPACS Poetic Justice Gucci mane. i am an UMBRELLA

  • 15 year old producer/rapper from Atlanta :


  • I'm a Palm Beach Florida trapper/producer, tryna get signed to Gucci.
    Check my shit out you don't like it throw it out the window!


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