DJ Drama Talks About The Drake & Gucci Mane Mixape That Almost Happened

Have there been other tapes behind the scenes you’ve talked about doing that never happened?

Yeah, one of the hottest tapes that never happened would’ve been the Drake and Gucci [Mane] tape. The three of us had spoke about it at a period. It was going to be a Drake and Gucci Gangsta Grillz. The two songs that had both of ‘em on it – I think one of them had Killer Mike on it [“Street Cred” off Guccimerica] and the other one was Sean Garrett’s “In My Business.” It was around that time period when the tape was supposed to happen.

Another tape that was supposed to happen was the Outkast tape. They called me, I think before the Idlewild album, and was like we want to do a Gangsta Grillz before the album. Of course, I was like, “definitely.” It didn’t wind up happening. They got kind of busy and it got close to the album. That’s when the guys called me like, “look, we’re not going to be able to do the tape, but we got you on a song for the album.” That’s two big tapes that almost could’ve would’ve should’ve happened.

This Drake and Gucci Mane tape would’ve had a lot of potential. Were you the one who brought the two together to possibly do the tape?
Nah, Drake called me one day like, “Yo, I got this idea. Gucci is like my favorite rapper right now, and I want to do a tape together.” I called him to see if he was with it. I got Gucci on the phone, the three of us talked about it and I know they were sending records back and forth. At the time, the buzz on both of them was so crazy. I mean, at that time we talked about, they were two of the hottest niggas in the game. I think schedules just didn’t permit. - Read The Full Interview Here

S/N: This NEEDS to happen!

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