Mike WiLL Made-It Says Kendrick Lamar’s “HUMBLE.” was originally made for Gucci Mane

Mike WiLL Made-It has revealed that his beat for Kendrick Lamar’s “HUMBLE.” was originally made for Gucci Mane. In a new interview with NPR he said, “With ‘HUMBLE.,’ I knew that beat was going to capture a moment. It just felt real urgent. I made that beat [last year] when Gucci Mane was getting out of jail; I made it with him in mind. I was just thinking, damn, Gucci’s about to come home; it’s got to be something urgent that’s just going to take over the radio.” 

He decided to play the beat for Kendrick, however, because “it kind of has an N.W.A./Dr. Dre feel, an Eminem kind of feel.” Kendrick was then going to give the track to Mike for Ransom 2, but when Kendrick started thinking about using it for DAMN., Mike assured him, “Bruh, you definitely should keep it, and you should use it as your single.” Read the full interview here.

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